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    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Social Media Marketing
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Crowdynews is a Dutch technology company that offers social media curation tools to publishers worldwide. This case study examines Crowdynews’s business strategy, its market position, and the challenges it faced in the industry.Crowdynews was founded in 2010 by Edwin Kuipers and Jeroen Zanen. The company developed a range of social media curation tools that helped publishers to display relevant social media content alongside their news stories. Crowdynews’s clients included major publishers such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2016, Crowdynews raised $4 million in funding from Dutch venture capital firm INKEF Capital and German publishing company Madsack Media Group.
Sixlogics provides a team of highly talented individuals that give support and services to businesses and media houses around the world using crowdynews tools and content management system. The team is highly skilled in news content management, content generation, social media curation, widget creation for news and social media, and more. Additionally, the team is well versed in creating and managing news topics using RSS and Crowdynews tools.

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Business Strategy

Crowdynews’s business strategy focused on offering innovative and scalable social media curation tools to publishers. The company developed algorithms that could filter and display relevant social media content in real-time, helping publishers to stay ahead of breaking news events. Crowdynews also offered a range of customization options to publishers, enabling them to tailor the social media content to their audience.

Market Position

Crowdynews was a market leader in social media curation, with its products used by major publishers worldwide. The company had built a strong reputation for innovation and quality, which helped it to differentiate itself from competitors. Crowdynews’s partnerships with major publishers also helped to establish its market position, as publishers valued the company’s expertise and technology.

Challenge & Solution

Sixlogics biggest challenge when it comes to Crowdynews was to handle the massive amount of live data updating 24/7 on client websites. The team had to be on its toes all the while to manage the massive queues of incoming news contents, and social media posts. Sixlogics devised the solution with dedicating separate data base machines to its each client. The data management developers team provides live support round the clock to ensure smooth and updated news. Moreover, when creating news and social topics for clients, the difficulty level was at its peak due to the changing nature of social media. Social media platforms were becoming increasingly crowded, and it was becoming harder to separate reliable information from misinformation and fake news. The team used Crowdynews development tool and its algorithms that could filter out irrelevant or harmful content.
Another challenge was the need to continually innovate and offer new features to publishers. The company had to compete with a range of other social media curation tools, some of which offered similar features at lower prices. Crowdynews had to invest in research and development to maintain its competitive edge, which placed pressure on its finances.

Crowdynews had a significant impact on the social media curation market, establishing itself as a market leader and innovator. However, the changing nature of social media and the challenges of moderating UGC led to the closure of some of its products, including Breaking Burner. The company continues to offer social media curation tools to publishers, but it faces significant challenges in maintaining its market position in a rapidly changing industry.