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  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Industry:
    Food and Restaurant.
  • Key Technology:
    PHP Laravel / Vue.JS / MySQL / AI / ML


Clevercost is one of kind award nominated software solution for businesses that provides them with unique expense overview. It is a one stop solution for business owners to seamlessly do invoice management. Moreover, it helps them to keep a record of their sales, calculate via extracting line item data. The CMS offers customers an easy way to calculate and complete accurately the cost overview for their sale items.

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This project posed one of the most unique challenges the team had to face at Sixlogics. The idea was to provide the customers with a unique expense overview using line item extraction with more than 90% accuracy. The idea was noble and practically an uncharted land. Previously, several attempts were made at providing such an experience to customers and business owners but didn’t yield results. It is extremely difficult to extract line item data from invoices and receipts. Additionally, integrating an AI to work on generating unitary cost analysis, and tracking due dates was big challenge in itself. Besides, extracting line item data from PDFs with more than 90% accuracy had the team working day and night.

The Solution

Clevercost demanded a highly talented, dedicated, and flexible team to put up something as remarkable as Clevercost. The team at Sixlogics worked smartly with the CTOs at Denmark utilizing close collaboration, daily communication, and top-notch response times. The team laid down the foundation and fundamental backbone of the Clevercost system. We created everything from frontend to database, to the PDF Parsers that allows extraction of complex line item data from any invoice.
The team provided a complex software solution in span of just five months. Moreover, it also made use of the AI to automatically process invoices in multiple formats. It also offers calculation of ingredient wise unit cost distribution.

The Clevercost system has revolutionized the business industry through its invoice management system and complex PDF parsers extraction. The team at Sixlogics is constantly introducing new features which are periodically scheduled till 2027-2028. Moreover, the team is actively giving live support, fixing bugs, and providing maintenance to Clevercost system.