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    OTT and Online Streaming
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    NodeJS / NextJs


Safaricom, the largest network operator in Africa, developed the video-on-demand application, Baze, with a daily/monthly subscription model. The initial development team based in South Africa was unable to meet the expectations of both the system and the client. The app’s poor performance, resulting in slow page loads and a subpar user experience, was due to the inability to handle the load. Safaricom then contacted Sixlogics, through their UK partners, Planetsport, to remedy the situation and fix the application.

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Due to poor optimization for performance, the first release of the Baze application resulted in slow page loads, long wait times, and an inadequate user experience. Furthermore, the application could not cope with the load, causing frequent crashes and downtimes, which left the client discontented with both the system and the development team.

The Solution

Sixlogics provided a comprehensive solution to address the issues faced by the Baze application. Our approach involved leveraging our technical prowess and methodology to containerize the backend, optimize the frontend and backend performance, utilize agile methodology, address identified security issues, and maintain constant communication and collaboration with the client.
The solution we provided was highly scalable and easy to maintain, as our team’s containerization expertise allowed us to convert the backend to docker containers and deploy them in a Kubernetes cluster. Our experience in performance optimization enabled us to use advanced techniques such as code splitting, caching, and image optimization to enhance the application’s page load times and response times significantly.
To ensure that the development process was flexible and collaborative, we utilized agile methodology, allowing us to work closely with the client and incorporate their feedback into the solution quickly. Additionally, our team’s expertise in security best practices and common vulnerabilities allowed us to identify and fix security issues promptly, making the application safe and secure to use.
Lastly, we maintained constant communication and collaboration with the client throughout the development process, ensuring that they were aware of the progress and any issues that arose. Our ability to collaborate effectively with the client resulted in a smooth development process that met their needs.

Thanks to Sixlogics’ solution, the performance of the Baze application has seen notable enhancements. The application can now efficiently handle high loads, enabling users to stream videos without any disruptions. Moreover, the frontend and backend have been optimized, resulting in faster page load times and quicker response times, thus improving the overall user experience.
The solution also included the identification and resolution of security issues, guaranteeing that the application is secure and safe to use.

The Baze project was a distinctive challenge for Sixlogics, but our implementation of the solution described earlier resulted in significant improvements to the application’s performance. The client was pleased with the outcomes, and the application has transformed into a dependable and sturdy video-on-demand platform.
The adoption of agile methodology in the development process allowed us to integrate the client’s feedback, leading to a solution that met their specific requirements. With the enhancements made, the Baze application is now fully equipped to provide users with a seamless video-on-demand experience.