Why Sixlogics?

Values determine culture. Culture Determines Behavior. Behavior Determines Outcomes.” Rohan Dredge

At Sixlogics, we take pride in a company culture that is firmly grounded on the principles of high level of integrity, mutual respect and innovation. The company adopts a rigorous induction process to make sure that the fabric of values is not compromised and the team members are well looked after so they may focus on exceling in their profession and work with each other as well-knit and cohesive unit to provide dependable services. The company imbibes feelings of friendship, mutual trust and support and encourages its members to constantly push the envelope with zest, curiosity and resilience, while providing necessary resources, training as well as fun activities to make their journey enjoyable. As a result Sixlogics enjoys high employee satisfaction and amongst the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

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Access to top engineering talent

Gain access to top-tier software engineering talent with our services. Our talent scouts meticulously select the most skilled and qualified resources, scrutinizing their past academic and professional achievements, ability to learn and perform under pressure, as well as the quality and integrity of their work.

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Committed to long-term relationships

We are dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. On average, our clients have been working with us for approximately 3-4 years, demonstrating the trust they have in our company to meet their ongoing development needs and serve as reliable advisors.

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Prompt engagement

Experience swift engagement with our services. Companies seeking skilled resources receive a prompt response, along with a selection of senior engineers to choose from. Once selected, our team promptly begins gathering technical requirements and creating a project roadmap to ensure a seamless delivery process.

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Seamless integration and scaling

Optimize your website with our seamless integration and scaling services. Our team is designed to be agile and adaptable, easily integrating into your business processes. You can quickly and easily hire or scale your team with our certified, top-notch specialists as needed. For nearly two decades, we have been providing these services to our clients with exceptional results.